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By using the user agrees to the following privacy policy:

  1. The Machine Learning algorithms and programs used for generating text-based content on this site are trained on existing publicly available material including publicly accessible quotes, lyrics, taglines, news headlines and tweets from accounts on, which, at the time of training the machine learning model, were not suspended by Twitter. The models used for this website are completely unbiased in all senses. The content generated is purely algorithmic and is intended solely for entertainment. Device Interactions / TweetMakers is in no way responsible for the content generated and are not obliged to entertain any objections taken by any individual to the generated content.

  2. Content generated by the TweetMakers machine learning algorithm are owned by Device Interactions / Tweetmakers. Users are free to share the generated content via Social Media and other online or offline channels. However users cannot use the generated content commercially without prior written consent from Device Interactions / Tweetmakers.

  3. TweetMakers allows users to customize the generated content and share it directly to Twitter and other public platforms. By using this, users can share this generated content from their own accounts on Twitter or other public platforms. The user agrees that he/she has shared the tweet willingly and Device Interactions / Tweetmakers will not be responsible for the public sharing of content generated on on Twitter and other public platforms. While sharing the generated tweet to Twitter, TweetMakers adds certain markers to indicate that these tweets are generated on These markers are editable and subject to change without prior notification. The markers are as follows:

    • Link to the site at the beginning of the tweet
    • The hashtag #tweetmakers
    • Mentioning the Twitter handles of the persona whose parody tweet has been generated (only for parody tweets). These @ mentions are followed by the hashtag #parody
    • In case of Tweets generated under the “Tweet About” section, the relevant hashtag of that topic is used. The hashtags #AI and #motivation are used for the tweets generated for the topic “motivation”

  4. The content created under "Make Your Own" is purely customized by the user. The following information is taken from the user:

    • The Text Content to be generated
    • Name of the user to be displayed on the generated content (if applicable)
    • Username (the username that appears) of the user to be displayed on the generated content (if applicable)
    • Profile Picture that appears on the generated content (if applicable)
    The content generated uses only the data mentioned above, to generate the tweet on Device Interactions / Tweetmakers are in no way responsible for the content generated in the “Make Your Own” section, whether it is downloaded by the user or not. It should be noted that any content created under the “Make Your Own” section is owned by the user, and commercial rights to this content is owned by both, the user and Device Interactions / Tweetmakers.

  5. Device Interactions / TweetMakers may use third-party service providers to place ads on all pages of the website. They may collect anonymous information about your visits to our Site, and your interaction with our Products and services. They may also use information about your visits to this and other websites to target advertisements for goods and services. This anonymous information is collected through the use of a web beacon, which is industry standard technology used by most major sites. Device Interactions and Tweetmakers does not store your personal information without your full consent.

  6. This site and all features it provides are developed for the sole purpose of entertainment. Device Interactions / TweetMakers are not responsible for any complaints, lawsuits, and objections caused as a result of the content generated on this site.

  7. Any users with malicious intent will be dealt with stern legal action. Any misuse of our website, servers, brand or name, whether online or offline, are not permitted and will attract legal action.

  8. We strive to ensure 100% uptime of the website. However, the site may face downtime in case of updates, maintenance or rare internal technical issues. You agree that Device Interactions / Tweetmakers may take down the site, move it, change it or discontinue it at any time without prior intimation.